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Agrivoltaics can provide food and energy for growing world population – pv magazine USA

A Good Spy Leaves No Trace: Big Oil, CIA Secrets, And a Spy Daughter's Reckoning Holiday Sale & promo by my daughter #Thankful #Now

CHECK OUT to learn more about our long history with the Saudis as it relates to : Inside the Saudi Strategy to Keep the World Hooked on Oil

An important Election Day reminder:

EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted against - child tax credits, lowering the cost of gas, capping the cost of insulin, protecting the right to vote, ending gerrymandering, clean energy jobs, making corporations pay taxes, and MORE.


T-minus 2 days.

Don't trust the pundits. Don't believe the polls.

Democrats are fighting for We the People, as opposed to the special interests, big corporations and bigots that Republican policies benefit.

Democrats are defending democracy.


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